Menu — SF Dinner


BEER NUTS (Tua Din) A fun & addictive bar snack to keep you drinking. Red peanuts roasted with makrut lime leaves, chilies , garlic and salt    $5
BLISTERED GREEN BEANS My mother’s original recipe: tender beans tossed with Prik Khing curry paste with smoked bacon (can be made without bacon)    $11
FRIED CHICKEN (Gai Tod) Thai-style: boneless chicken thighs marinated then fried in a rice flour batter & tossed in Nam Prik Pao charred chili jam    $13



THAI PAPAYA SALAD (Som Tum Thai) A quintessential dish of Thai food: green papaya pounded with dried shrimp, palm sugar, fish sauce, chilies & lime, topped with crushed peanuts. A balanced & refreshing salad of sweet, tart & savory – all mildly spiced. Add the BBQ chicken & sticky rice to the order to call it a Hawker Fare “Happy Meal.”    $13
LAO PAPAYA SALAD (Tum Mak Huong) Called Tum Som in Laos, where papaya salads were born. This papaya salad packs a punch. It’s pounded with salted black river crab (a Lao delicacy), fish sauce, Pladek fermented fish, dried Thai chilies, tomatoes, tamarind & lime. This papaya salad is still balanced & refreshing, but it’s definitely funkier & spicier than the Thai-style.    $13
BEEF TARTARE (Larb Seen Dib) Lao-style beef tartare? Hell yes. Our version is hand-chopped & mixed with tripe, makrut lime leaf, galangal, lemongrass, shallots, mint, cilantro, green onions, rice powder seasoned with fish sauce & lots of fresh Thai chilies.    $14
MINCED PORK SALAD (Larb Moo) Tossed with shallots, mint, cilantro, green onions, rice powder & dried Thai chilies & seasoned with fish sauce & lime. Served with lettuce cups & cucumbers.    $14
GRILLED STEAK SALAD (Nahm Tok Neur) Angus beef that is grilled & sliced, then tossed with shallots, mint, cilantro, green onions, rice powder & dried Thai chilies & seasoned with fish sauce & lime. Served with lettuce cups & cucumbers.    $17
FRIED EGG SALAD (Yum Khai Dao) Eggs fried the Thai way in very hot oil with a runny yolk. Topped with tomatoes, Chinese celery, cilantro & crispy fried shallots, dressed with Nam Jim fish sauce dressing. Break the yolks & mix it all together: the runny yolk becomes a part of the dressing.    $13
CRISPY RICE BALL SALAD (Nam Khao Tod) A Lao classic: Jasmine rice seasoned with coconut meat & red curry paste, the rice is then formed into balls, fried, broken apart & tossed with fermented pork, peanuts, cilantro, dried Thai chilies, fish sauce & lime juice. Served with a bouquet of herbs & lettuce. This crunchy salad can be made without pork.    $13
MUSHROOM SALAD (Nam Tok Het Pa) Grilled & sliced mushrooms tossed with shallots, mint, cilantro, green onions, rice powder & dried Thai chilies, seasoned with mushroom soy sauce & lime. Served with lettuce & cucumber.    $13



MUSSELS STEAMED IN COCONUT MILK (Dtom Kha Hoi Malang Pu) Taylor Shellfish Farms mussels in a flavorful coconut broth made with fresh galangal, makrut lime leaves, lemongrass & fish sauce, spiked with Nam Prik Pao charred chili jam & garlic chives.    $16
HOMEMADE PENANG TOFU CURRY (Gaeng Penang Tofu)  A rich, homemade red coconut milk curry spiced with nutmeg & mace, with makrut lime leaves. Sweetened with palm sugar & then simmered with pumpkin, cabbage, fried tofu & basil.    $14
RED CURRY RICE VERMICELLI NOODLES WITH CHICKEN (Khao Poon Nahm Kati Gai) Laotian noodle dish of rice vermicelli noodles in a spiced coconut red curry broth with ground chicken & bamboo shoots, finished with bean sprouts, shaved cabbage & herbs.    $13
TAMARIND CURRY NOODLES WITH PEANUTS (Mee Kati) Flat rice noodles in a rich egg drop curry broth seasoned with peanuts, fermented bean paste & tamarind, garnished with bean sprouts, green onions, cilantro & fried shallots.    $13 (add shrimp $3)
“CHICKEN & RICE” (Khao Mun Gai)  Hainese-style chicken & rice made the Hawker Fare way. Poached chicken thigh served with a ginger & fermented bean sauce, with cucumbers & cilantro over chicken fat rice. A hugely popular one dish meal found at most street vendors & shophouses, every vendor & household has their own original recipe, ours is no different in spirit & celebrates a classic.    $14
BRAISED PORK BELLY (Dtom Kiem)  Tender pork belly, tofu and a hard-boiled egg. We braise the belly in a rich broth made by making a caramel first, then adding garlic, ginger “seasoning sauce” and fish sauce with star anise. Topped with house-fermented mustard greens, Chinese celery & cilantro. We recommend pouring the side of sriracha over every single bite.    $15
BRUSSELS SPROUTS IN BEAN SAUCE (Phat Pak Talat Fai Dang)  Wok-tossed with fermented yellow bean paste, garlic & Thai chilies. A common, simple preparation of vegetables found at street vendors & in shophouses throughout Thailand & Laos.   $9
BROCCOLI WITH OYSTER-FLAVORED SAUCE (Pad Pak Ga Naa)  Wok-tossed Chinese broccoli with garlic & oyster-flavored sauce.    $9

GRILLED DISHES (Ahaan Ping, Ahaan Yang)

GRILLED TIGER SHRIMP (Klu Kling Goong) Seared on the plancha in a Southern Thai aromatic & spicy dry curry paste made with fresh turmeric & makut lime leaves, seasoned with fish sauce, served with lime. Peel & eat or, better yet, don’t bother peeling them, eat these whole with the shells like the Thais.    $18
CHEWY CHEWY BRISKET (Seen Ping) A Lao backyard BBQ specialty. In Laos, tough cuts of beef are championed by simple preparations of marinating & then grilling them to medium rare to deliver a flavorful chew. Be warned: This is not a tender steak & it is intentionally served this way. Served with Jaew Som: a charred tomato & chili relish with fish sauce & cilantro.    $14
ISAAN BBQ CHICKEN (Gai Yang) An Isaan staple, BBQ chicken is found every in Isaan: cooking along roadsides, in shophouses & even on bikes! Our half-chicken is brined for 24 hours (the meat can look a little pink) & then rubbed with spices, lemongrass & turmeric. This dish is served with two sauces: Nam Jim Waan, a sweet chili-garlic sauce, & Jaew Makham, a tart tamarind dip. Quantities are limited.    $15
ISAAN HERBED PORK SAUSAGE (Sai Oua) Made in-house, this aromatic spicy pork sausage is made with braised pig skin, garlic, shallots, fresh yellow turmeric, makrut lime leaves, & sun-dried Thai chilies. The sausage is grilled & served with pork rinds, cucumber slices & Nam Prik Noom, a roasted green chili relish.    $14
BBQ PORK CHOP (Moo Yang) Berkshire pork shoulder chops marinated in whisky, white pepper, coriander root & garlic & brushed with honey while on the grill. Served with Nam Jaew chili dip.    $16
SATAY BEEF SHORTRIBS (Satay Neur) Satay are typically on skewers, but this original recipe by my mother allows the bones to be the natural skewers. Natural Angus beef ribs are marinated in coconut milk & turmeric, lemongrass & garlic, then grilled & served with a tangy cucumber relish & homemade mildly spiced peanut sauce.    $18


Rice & Sides

KHAO NIAO sticky rice to eat with your hands    $3
KHAO MUN chicken fat rice    $3
KHAO JEE grilled sticky rice    $5
AJAT cucumber relish $3


DESSERTS (Khong Waan)

TAPIOCA PEARL PUDDING coconut milk and melon with palm sugar syrup, crushed ice    $8
COCONUT ICE CREAM with “kanom dok jok” lotus blossom sesame cookie & caramel-roasted bananas    $8
DURIAN STICKY RICE over pandan-scented sticky rice sweetened with palm sugar    $8


To offset the costs of the San Francisco benefit ordinance, a 4% charge will be added to all food and beverage sales.