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RUM HIGHBALLS – soda water & rum of your choice. Thais call it Whiskey Soda. Very refreshing! $10
El Dorado 15 year, Guyana
Hamilton Riserva, Jamaica
Kirk & Sweeney 12 year, Dominican Republic
Batavia-Arrack, Indonesia

Smith & Cross, Jamaica

Mekhong, Thailand


HARD THAI COFFEE – Thai coffee spiked with a shot of Four Rose’s Bourbon $10
ISAAN GIN & TONIC – Beefeater gin, Tonic water with makrut lime leaves, lime $11
DARK & STORMY –  A classic! Gosling’s black rum with ginger beer & lime $11

VIC’S ORIGINAL MAI TAI – Appleton Jamaican rum, lime, small hands orgeat syrup & triple sec $12

DOUG RE-FRESH –  Beefeater gin with fresh cucumber juice & mint $11

BRUCE LEE-CHEE – El Dorado 3 year white rum, lychee puree, club soda $11

DYING BASTARD –  Four Roses bourbon, Beefeater gin, Torres brandy with ginger beer, angostura bitters & lime $12

TAMARIND COOLER – Spiced dark rum with tamarind & honey, lime, dried chili $11

JELLO SHOTS – pineapple and spiced rum $2


Ask your server for our daily selection.
$6 /pint or $22/pitcher


BOTTLED BEERS (12oz) all $5

Singha Lager (Thailand)
Lagunitas IPA (Cali)
Beer Lao Dark, gluten free (Laos)
Miller High Life, the champagne of beers $3




House White Wine glass $9 / bottle $30
House Red Wine glass $9 / bottle $35


SOFT DRINKS all $3.50

Thai Ice Tea or Thai Ice Coffee
Thai Palm Juice
Ginger Beer “cock & bull”
Diet Coke $2.50
Mexican Coca-Cola, cane sugar
Mexican Sprite, cane sugar



SUGAR CONE – condensed milk Straus Organic Dairy soft serve ice cream $4
HAWKER SUNDAE – salted palm sugar caramel, candied red beans and puffed rice, jasmine whip $7
HAWKER AFFOGATO – condensed milk soft serve with a shot of thai coffee, coconut biscuits $7